Vacuum Formed Component Trays

Vacuum Formed Component Trays Q4, 2022 This “Peek behind the scenes” is going to be pretty short and sweet, as the process to produce this tray is, well, short and sweet. There isn’t a job here at Bo-Mer that is exactly the same as another. Some can be very complex while others may be pretty […]

How a Medical Tag Dispenser is made

How a Medical Tag Dispenser is made Q3, 2022 Today we’re going to give you a look behind the scenes of how we produce this medical tag dispenser. This flat sheet of clear polycarbonate starts out as a four by eight sheet and each piece is cut to size on a 3-axis CNC machine. We’re […]

Rotational Molding Stroller Review – (Custom Thermoforming)

Rotational Molding Stroller Review Q4, 2021 Our fourth quarterly project actually requires rotational molding, which is a process that Bo-Mer brought in house about 12 years ago. We are going to see how the main base of this high-end stroller is produced.   The process starts with a specific amount of resin, mostly a type […]

Arcade Game Top Cover – Free Forming at Bo-Mer Plastics

Arcade Game Top Cover Free Forming Q3, 2021 To produce the arcade game top cover, we use a process called free forming as the material, the part does not actually make contact with the mold. We developed this process about 20 years ago out of an idea when we were actually forming a half of […]

Bo-Mer Custom Louver (Custom Thermoforming)

Custom Louver (Custom Thermoforming) Q2, 2021 With all the great feedback that we received from our last video regarding the medical lock boxes, we decided to keep this going. Today we’ll be doing over how a custom louver is made. If you don’t know, louvers are usually parallel slips often used in windows or doors […]

Medical Lockbox Thermoforming Process

Medical Lockbox Custom Thermoforming Process Q1, 2021 In Q1 of 2021, we introduced a product manufactured here from start to finish called the medical lockboxes. These lockboxes might be seen in bedside in hospitals, holding IV bags safe and secure. This is a really neat product here at Bo-Mer as it involves many processes with […]

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