Vacuum Formed Component Trays
Q4, 2022

This “Peek behind the scenes” is going to be pretty short and sweet, as the process to produce this tray is, well, short and sweet. There isn’t a job here at Bo-Mer that is exactly the same as another. Some can be very complex while others may be pretty straightforward. To produce this tray, we start with a flat sheet of custom extruded material which is set into a rotary thermoforming machine and that is die cut to its finished size. This specific rotary machine has four separate stations which increases our productivity- as one sheet is being loaded, one is in the staging position, one is being heated, and another is being formed. Setting up a rotary machine takes longer than a single station machine. However, the cycle times are much faster. This job is set up as a two-up mold, which means we get two trays per cycle. They are formed together then clicked separately. Once the trays are die cut they are then stacked, packed in a box, and shipped out to the customer. This process is a pretty straightforward one. We like to refer to these jobs as “suck-and-ship” kind of jobs; basically form the part, quickly trim it to its shape and out the door it goes. These trays are used in the customer’s cabinets or tool boxes for material handling and storage.

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