Metal Fabrication

A value-added process that we offer in-house which gives us the ability to create plastic and/or metal structures, parts and machines from a variety of raw materials. Because we have the ability to fabricate without outsourcing, we offer additional value to our customers by reducing the number of vendors that are needed to complete different services, reducing the overall cost.

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Metal Fabrication – CNC Laser

  • In the photo to the left, sheet metal is placed on the CNC Laser and is then cut.
  • Next for this specific job, these pieces will be bent on the press brakes.
  • Depending on the job, the part is cut out of the sheet and is then sent down the line for post ops, such as bending, welding, PEM inserting, etc.

Metal Fabrication – CNC Mill

  • Before the video to the right, that specific part is bent in a press brake.
  • Here you will see that part placed in the HAAS Mill to be machined to the customers desired end part. 

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