Vacuum Forming

Bo-Mer has been striving to find the most effective ways to serve our customers since 1946. This is where our vacuum forming services come into play. By providing this option for our customers, we can offer lower costs and faster results, due to superior production variables.

Vacuum Forming at Bo-Mer

The vacuum forming process

A plastic sheet is heated to pliability then a vacuum is created between the softened sheet of plastic and the mold which results in a 3D replication of the mold surface. The process of vacuum forming has been in use since the 1930’s due to its favorable manufacturing characteristics. The most amiable materials in use with the vacuum forming process are thermoplastics; however, extensive research is being conducted to expand this list.

Our Vacuum Forming Equipment

The quality products we present to customers are in part a reflection of our carefully selected machinery. We use top of the line vacuum forming equipment to pair with our talented machinists. Our equipment includes:

  • Rotary thermoforming machines that can accommodate up to a 6’ x 10’ x 41” depth.
  • Single station thermoforming machines that can accommodate up to a 7’ x 11’ x 36” depth.
  • Inline (thin gauge) thermoforming machines.

Our vacuum formed components protect and add aesthetics to the following applications

  • Various electronics
  • High or low volume plastic packaging
  • Automobile interior components
  • Retail POS displays
  • Medical Equipment
  • Outdoor Info Kiosks/ATMs
  • Robotics

Advantages of Vacuum Forming

Bo-Mer sees vacuum forming as a useful tool in providing superior value to customers. There are several advantages that make it one of our top processes.

Tooling is more simplistic than plastic injection molding; time to market is faster. For these two reasons, it can be much more economical to produce using this method versus using plastic injection only.

It’s a highly adaptable process that can fit specific, changing customer needs. It works well when used in conjunction with plastic and/or metal processes.

Gallery of previous work:

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