Medical Lockbox
Custom Thermoforming Process
Q1, 2021

In Q1 of 2021, we introduced a product manufactured here from start to finish called the medical lockboxes. These lockboxes might be seen in bedside in hospitals, holding IV bags safe and secure. This is a really neat product here at Bo-Mer as it involves many processes with our core business, custom thermoforming. We receive the material from a supplier, we form the two outer cases, send them down the line to the machining center and then completely assemble each component to finish the job.

In the video, you’ll see us starting at our single station thermoforming machine. This is where we take the flat sheet of material and send it into an oven until it reaches its forming temperatureThe heated sheet is then removed from the oven and a vacuum is created between the sheet and the mold. For this specific job, we are using a male mold on the top platen and a pressure box on the bottom so the mold comes down and pushes into the material. We are also using billow forming so you will see a bubble being blown which pre-stretches the material as the mold and pressure box come together. This process is used to distribute the material more uniformly as vacuum and pressure are applied. The material takes a 3d replication of the mold surface, which creates the outer case of these lock boxes. The part then immediately enters the cooling stage and that then is pulled from the mold.

Once we have our formed part, we have to send it down the line to the machining center. In our fabrication center, which is the home to most of our 3 and 5-Axis CNC machining centers- this is where we take our form parts or flat sheets of material and trim them. This specific machine is a 5-axis thermwood which is consistently trimming these lock boxes. The form parts are then cut to the customer’s desired specs. Basically, anything that a human can do by hand with a router, these machines can do at a much more consistent and rapid rate.

Let’s talk about how we finish the job off and assemble them. In our designated area for fabricating and assembling these lock boxes, we have to finish off the job and completely assemble them. We have a lot of plastic and metal components that we need to completely assemble to these cases. Suzie in the video is fabricating the hinge to put the two outer cases together. She also has the handle on there. There you are right here, completely assembled and finished out of the lock box. So this by the side in hospitals to keep IV bags safe and secure, and this is completely assembled and fabricated in the house from start to finish.

Well there you have it this product is a great fit for us here at Bo-Mer as it requires the part to be formed, machined and then completely assembled and we get to see the finished product go right out the door to the customer. Thank you for watching and if we have a project that we can help bring to life, please get in contact with us, thank you.

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