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Experts in Custom Thermoforming

Thermoforming is a process where an extruded sheet of plastic is heated to a specific forming temperature, formed to the shape of either a female or male mold and then trimmed to fit the desired, detailed finished product. It involves far less tooling and investment than other plastic molding processes, making it an advantageous means of production.

capabilities Across the board


Where a heated hollow mold is filled with a specific amount of resin and is consistently rotated causing the softened material to stick to the mold walls.


Design, manufacture and assemble plastic parts and components using various processes to produce the customer’s desired end product.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Design, manufacture and assemble metal parts and components using various processes to produce the customer’s desired end product.


Value-Added Services

Additional services that we offer to our customers allowing them to take an “idea” to a finished “final product” all at a one-stop-shop!



Values we live by


Never Say Never Approach

When others say it can’t be done, we’re busy getting it done.

With Bo-Mer, you’ve selected a partner who will fight just as hard as you do for the success of your project.


& Manufacturing

Expertise across all disciplines.

Pressure forming, drape forming, rotational molding, plastic fabrication.

Value-added services including metal fabrication, electrical/mechanical assemblies and painting.

Backed by the industry’s most talented engineers and production personnel.


Unmatched Quality & Service

It’s a part of our DNA.

The devotion of each employee to fulfill our quality and service policies has allowed us to achieve Certified Supplier status with many world-class customers. Our goal is simple: achieve a 100% delivery and quality performance rating from every client.

Our Customers, the Visionaries.

Our customers are who make us a success. We’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic minds in the innovation and manufacturing industry.

Leading US Robotics Company

“…you are definitely on the list of ‘amazing vendors we need to do more work with.’ I’ll certainly spread the word that you are the only choice for domestic thermoforming.”


“Bo-Mer capitalizes on their experienced engineering staff to produce configurations that competitors won’t consider, and achieve tolerances that are tighter and more precise than industry standards.”


“Bo-Mer has been responsive to special requests and they have proposed innovative ideas to help get us what we need in our design.”

Food Processing Company

“I have been working with Bo-Mer for several years now and they are great suppliers. Very open minded to look for win-win situations and always willing to help and provide alternatives. Currently working on extending business with them and looking forward to keep working together.”

Pharmaceutical Company

“A fantastic company and team. Extremely punctual and makes a stellar product. Cannot say enough great things about them.”

Medical Company

“Bo-Mer has delivered a reliable product every time. We have been very satisfied with their customer service so far and plan to continue to use their services for future projects.”

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