Project Description

World-class developer of digital signage solutions.

Project Details:
Our customer needed an enclosure manufacturer who could thermoform large outer covers that met the strict aesthetic, delivery, and quality requirements for the maiden production run of their latest revision of outdoor POS digital displays. The project included fabricating the sheet metal components that attached the covers to the frame of the unit and the mesh components for intake and exhaust.

The production schedule for this project was extremely time sensitive due to the end users construction schedule. This project included some very large molds that utilized built-in automation for undercut sections. To meet the customer’s needs parts had to be put into production immediately so as soon as the molds hit the floor, we were running.

Skills Required:
Pressure forming, sheet metal fabrication and mechanical assembly were involved in the process. Our knowledge of both plastic and metal materials along with adhesives were used to help the design team achieve their desired results.

We were able to meet all of our delivery and design challenges. The units are currently installed along the west coast.

Skills Needed:

  • High Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 
  • Pressure Forming
  • Mechanical Assembly


  • Digital Signage
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