Free Forming

We tend to use the free forming process on jobs that call for the clarity of the product to be a top priority. This process allows us to concentrate on the clarity of the material because the material never actually touches the mold as it is formed, it is sucked down into an open mold by a vacuum to its desired shape. Most thermoforming processes require the material to come in contact with the mold, but this process allows us to replicate the clarity of an injection molded product but at a small fraction of the tooling cost.

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Free Forming at Bo-Mer

The photos to the left show a free forming process at Bo-Mer. Click the images to enlarge and see examples of our quality work.

The sheet of acrylic is heated to pliability and is then sucked into an open box mold which provides exceptional clarity since the material does not come in contact with the mold.


No contact with the mold.

Clarity can become the focus

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